Kristy Hines & Glenn Tucker

Element Lifestyle – a brand across both two city locations – Perth & Sydney. Glenn Tucker and Kristy Hines first came together in 2010 and made the decision to unite brands to both strengthen their existing businesses and plan
for future growth.

Glenn Tucker noticed a gap in the Perth market over 15 years ago, opening the first Element location with Aveda
in Perth’s CBD, later moving into the current Subiaco location. With a core focus on service, armed with solid retailing of Aveda, Glenn grows on his successes each year.

Kristy Hines’ passion for Ayurvedic lifestyle and philosophy has set her on a 16-year journey in the hair and beauty
industry. Kristy’s experience includes global spa and retail education, global product launches, and working with
celebrities, influencers and media. Co-owner of Element Lifestyle in Sydney for 8 years, her passion for the industry means she continues to work as a hands-on therapist and hairdresser.

Part of a complementary and exciting dynamic, Glenn and Kristy understand the need to keep their businesses
current – especially with the evolving millennial demographic, their focus in about embracing technology and
creating new career flexible pathways in the industry to increase staff retention makes their business model innovative.
Bringing over 30 years of experience collectively, Glenn and Kristy are a formidable business partnership