Brodie Lee Tsiknaris

Brodie Lee A well know name in the Austalian hair industry, known for her beautiful work, Iconic Brand Rokstar built around Gen Y and Millenials…. Down to earth Education and stella line up of awards both Nationally and Internationally including 2018 HAIR EXPO QLD Hairdresser of the year 2018/2017 QLD Salon of the year , AIPP International finalist, 2017 AHFA QLD hairdresser of year and 2017 AHIA Salon owner of the year, 2018/2017 QLD salon of the year

She’s known as the rokstar brain child for having grown a incredible salon business, award winning team and culture that exists of all GEN-Y and Millennials its safe to say this girl is making her mark in the Industry and by no means slowing down . She Has been lucky enough to travel internationally with her craft, working with some of the biggest names in the industry.